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Muhammad Rabbani

When I carry out GoGet jobs, I have much more freedom than doing desks jobs that I personally do not like. I do what I love and love what I do! There have been some crazy jobs that have required me to camp overnight at a shopping mall! That was something I never thought I would ever do!


With a full time ‪job‬ it is very hard to arrange ‪time‬ to contribute to the community. With ‪GoGet‬, now I get the ‪opportunity‬ to help people get their ‪things done and at the same time be part of an amazing ‪family‬ who work towards giving back to the ‪community.‬


GoGet is really cool because it provides busy people with a chance to get someone to complete their time consuming tasks for them. As a GoGetter, it is great that I can make a person's day just by completing their tasks. It is amazing as even the smallest task could have the biggest impact on someone else's life. The smiles I get are rewarding enough.

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